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Since 2018 we have helped people make the right decision with who they hire. Our ratings help you hire only the best companies and services ignoring the rest.

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Our analysts and consultants are working tirelessly to find the best local companies. We're transparent and frank about our processes and the outcomes of our reports.

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Our analysis team dives extensively to learn how these businesses are stacking up to each other. Get the inside scoop that businesses need to employ for the best outcomes.

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While other reviews services can be useful often these services are manipulated and don't use any transparent criteria to rate the companies, where 3EZ does


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We decided to focus on just the top 3 companies because most people choose one of the first 3 results in search engines. However, unlike search engines we use transparent rating system which cant be manipulated with clever marketing


We are completely independent

Companies can only pay for us to review them. They can not pay for the outcome of their review or placement in the top 3 local companies reports.

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Thorough methodology & review process

Get the best service locally, at the best price by hiring an established and trusted corporation, trading company or specialist.

The market reports we generate are made up of local businesses that appreciate the significance of not only setting the correct goal, but also living up to it. Our approach to assessing and rating small businesses and sole traders includes reviewing the job, services, prices, customer feedback, integrity, help and comparison with those in the local area. We then rank and post the results for the top three and the outcomes obtained, the buyers’ feelings and experiences.

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